Le Cercle Nautique de Sarreguemines is also accredited by the Fédération Française de Natation (French Swimming Federation) for activities in the fields of well-being (Aquafitness, Aquaforme, etc.), health sports, Éveil Aquatique (baby swimmers) and the Ecole de Natation.


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    A simple website

    This site has been designed for optimum simplicity. With a streamlined interface, we've made management as simple as possible. Creating personalized articles becomes child's play, allowing our customers to share their news and interact easily with their audience. Because for us, simplicity is the key to a successful experience.

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    Activity entry

    This flagship feature, which we have carefully integrated into our project, gives our customers total control over the management of their activities. Thanks to our intuitive administrator panel, they can easily add and modify all essential data.

    Our solution simplifies the editing process, offering a user-friendly interface for rapid updating of crucial information such as product details, customer contacts, pricing, and much more. This enables our customers to maintain consistent data relevance and accuracy, reinforcing their operational autonomy.

    By eliminating dependence on third parties for frequent adjustments, we offer our customers greater responsiveness to market developments. This functionality therefore embodies much more than simple data management; it represents true operational autonomy, consolidating the unique value proposition of our project.

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    Article creation

    Another powerful facet of our project lies in the ability offered to our customers to create customized articles directly from our user-friendly administrator panel. With this feature, we give them the freedom to compose unique and engaging content without requiring in-depth technical skills.

    With just a few clicks, our panel lets customers write, edit and publish articles, offering total flexibility over the content of their platform. Customers can easily customize text, images and other elements, tailoring their communications to their specific needs. This feature simplifies the content creation process, enabling our customers to remain dynamic in their communications without having to rely on external resources. 

    By giving our customers the power to create personalized articles with complete autonomy, our project reinforces its ability to respond to evolving market requirements, bringing real added value to their operational experience.

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    How we supported our customers

    Step 1


    Meet with a specialized expert to discuss your project, your objectives and propose the best solution.

    Step 2

    Mock-ups / wireframes

    Our web design team (UX / UI design) creates mock-ups to match your image and objectives.

    Step 3


    Our back-end and front-end developers will then work on the creation of your website, remaining in constant contact with you to keep you informed of progress.

    Step 4

    SEO Optimization

    Our SEO experts optimize your natural referencing to appear in the first Google searches and maximize your number of visits.

    Step 5


    Our web hosting ensures the security of your data and files

    Step 6


    Your website is online! 🚀 To help you get the most out of the tool, we'll train you on the features you need to know.

    Step 7

    Maintenance & follow-up

    Got a new feature? We'll keep your site up to date with the changes you want to make.

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