How long does it take to develop a mobile application? A turnkey website, optimized for SEO.

    • Corresponding to your business needs
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    Web agency in Metz

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    Optimize your visibility on Google

    Our web design agency in Metz is staffed by experts (SEO) who will implement strategies specific to your field of activity to boost your visibility, improve your natural referencing and maximize your online presence!

    Your web agency works on the different key elements of search engine optimization: semantics, technique and linking.

    We implement an SEO strategy tailored to your business.

    A solution tailored to your needs


    When a framework is not required and your website needs simple functionality, we use the best CMS on the market (Shopify and Wordpress).

    We master:


    To meet 100% of your needs and functionalities, we develop a customized website. The specific soluton allows adaptation to digital environments (CRM, ERP system, etc.).

    We master:

    Showcase website

    Our showcase sites are designed to highlight the very essence of your business, presenting your story, products and services in a captivating way.
    Every element is meticulously designed to engage your visitors and encourage them to explore further.

    E-commerce website

    We create a complete and secure online shop that will stand out from your competitors and offer your customers an optimal online shopping experience to improve your SEO.
    Showcase your products!
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    How is your project progressing?
    Step 1


    Meet with a specialized expert to discuss your project, your objectives and propose the best solution.

    Step 2

    Mock-ups / wireframes

    Our web design team (UX / UI design) creates mock-ups to match your image and objectives.

    Step 3


    Our back-end and front-end developers will then work on the creation of your website, remaining in constant contact with you to keep you informed of progress.

    Step 4

    SEO Optimization

    Our SEO experts optimize your natural referencing to appear in the first Google searches and maximize your number of visits.

    Step 5


    Our web hosting ensures the security of your data and files

    Step 6


    Your website is online! 🚀 To help you get the most out of the tool, we'll train you on the features you need to know.

    Step 7

    Maintenance & follow-up

    Got a new feature? We'll keep your site up to date with the changes you want to make.

    Website creation agency

    A website that adapts to all your media

    For an optimal user experience, our websites and e-commerce sites are designed to be responsive, adapting to all screen sizes.

    Whether they're on their Android phone, iOS device, laptop or tablet, every one of your visitors deserves to see your content optimally. Web browsers also make disparities, whether Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Sometimes you'll have to take care of them for a controlled display.

    Depending on your business, we can help you decide whether to develop an AMP version, a PWA or even a mobile application.

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    noaio.com e-commerce website

    Our latest project: controlled costs and deadlines

    Noaio.com is an e-commerce site for electric scooters. Analysis, layout, UI and UX, application development and SEO evolutions.


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