Custom developed software

    • We analyze your business and produce your specifications
    • Stay in direct contact with your developers
    • Create a tool adapted to your particular expertise in your unique context
    • We analyze your business and draw up your specifications
    • We deploy the best solution (web app, mobile app or fat client) that meets your requirements
    • Stay in direct contact with your developers
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    Create an API, Web Application or Mobile Application with les Entrecodeurs

    Les Entrecodeurs can help you develop your specific applications

    Website design and redesign, mobile applications, webservices, AI and custom software development

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    Needs analysis

    Listening to your business

    The creation of customized software begins with an initial phase of scoping and needs analysis. It is essential to define various elements such as essential functionalities and system stakeholders.

    • We'll work with you to draw up a set of specifications to meet your needs
    • In certain sectors, such as industry or logistics, where physical flows are important, we'll come into the field to understand your processes. We'll then be able to understand you and determine with you what technology we can bring to the table to support your business.
    Proof of concept, prototype, wireframe & mockup


    Once the functionalities have been defined, we create your mock-ups. Mock-ups allow you to visualize functionalities and make adjustments to get the tool that best suits your needs.

    If required, we can draw up a PoC or wireframes to help you, your customers, users and investors understand the ins and outs of your future application.
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    Software engineering

    Software development

    In this crucial stage, we bring your vision to life. Our highly skilled developers transform approved mock-ups into solid, high-performance code. Every line of code is optimized to ensure an exceptional user experience.

    Throughout the process, rigorous testing is carried out to ensure that your application works perfectly. We are committed to delivering a quality end-product ready for deployment.

    Once your application is ready, we manage deployment to make it accessible to your end-users. Our team is here to support you throughout your digital journey, ensuring the continued success of your project. Ready to take the next step? Contact us to start the development phase.
    Working together with agility

    An agile approach to software development

    We believe in the importance of flexibility and adaptability when developing custom software.

    We have adopted an agile methodology. The benefits? Stay in constant contact and deliver regularly.

    This allows you to provide feedback, suggest improvements and make adjustments, guaranteeing a solution that perfectly meets your expectations without paying for features you don't want or no longer want.
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    How we support our customers
    Step 1


    We work with you to identify your objectives and define the list of features to be developed.

    Step 2

    Software development

    We implement the software we have designed and imagined with you. Throughout the development process, we stay in direct contact with you via our collaborative tools, telephone or videoconference.

    Step 3


    We deliver your entire application to your workstations and over the Internet, train you in the use of the software and provide you with all the documents you need.

    Step 4

    Follow-up, maintenance & support

    Our team is at your disposal to maintain your solution, and to help your users get the most out of your software.


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